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The American Dream Accelerator: The Easiest Way to start a business and get the Entrepreneur VISA Without breaking the bank...

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"Changing the world one immigrant at a time. Serving Immigrants by the immigrants..."
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GET The Visa Funds:
You will learn step by step  how to get the E-2 visa and L-1 Visa investment FUNDS & how to invest a minimum amount to build a successful business in the USA! 
You will be guided all the way by the EXPERT in the field, a business immigration attorney, immigrant and Entrepreneur, Marieta Oslanec. 
You will learn what it actually takes to build a 6-figure business that actually makes a difference and change the world!  
MOVE to the USA:
You will learn how to pass the VISA interview at the U.S. Embassy and move to the USA in no time! Time to pack your suitcase and go! 
you NO longer have to wonder how TO START A BIZ in the USA & How to GET a Visa APPROVAL! 
for the first time ever...
you now have access to the most
TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM ever made That will show you step by step What you need to get a Visa & SUCCEED in the U.S.A.
Client Case Study: 
Biz Type: Start-up
Visa Type: E-2 Visa
From:  Jordan
Dear Friend,

Welcome to ADA Accelerator! If this is your first time here, then you're  probably wondering, "How to go from an idea to a business and E-2 visa?!and "IS THIS PROGRAM FOR ME?!"  

Am I right?

ADA Accelerator is the most transformational program created to date because it was designed by an immigrant entrepreneur and biz immigration lawyer to serve immigrant entrepreneurs, and it's now available to the public for the first time...

for a limited time!
40% of E-2 and L-1 Visa Applicants  
ARE DENIED by the U.S. Embassy
And Why Our Success Rate Has Been  98% !!! 
The USA was built by immigrant entrepreneurs, in fact, 40% of the FORTUNE 500 companies were built by the immigrants; actually immigrants like yourself. The keay element If you want to succeed is to know your WHY.

Knowing your WHY ensures that you stay persistent, overcome the upcoming challenges and eventually succeed: build a strong business, contribute to the US economy and change the world

The U.S.A. wants PEOPLE like YOU. 

Therefore, having a strong business plan and positive "game-changer" mindset is #1 reason people pass the Visa Interview and move to the USA. However, there is no strong evidence without first knowing your WHY!

1. The MONEY 
   Get the MONEY
The #1 excuse why most people don't even start is a lack of money.You either don't have enough funds, or you don't know how to obtain them

Remember, Marieta started with 700$. If that's you, then you are in the right place. 

In ADA you will learn a.) how much do you actually need to start your biz b.) how to get the funds & how to combine various sources to get your work visa approval. 
How would you like to know WHAT kind of business to start that creates an impact and make you money

In ADA Accelerator we remove the confusion and you will gain a clarity on your WHY and WHO do you want to serve. Together, we will TEST the market to make sure your business idea is the right fit. 
3. The WORLD Class Support 
Are you tired of hiring shady LAWYERS or quasi "immigrantion experts", or even worse scamers who don't care about you and your case? 

Welcome to ADA Accelerator! The place designed by IMMIGRANTS and EXPERTS in the field! 
Marieta Oslanec moved to the USA in 2007 with 700 USD. She graduated top law school in the USA and started her own business. She is a recognized expert in the field who was published in major media like Forbes, Playboy, CBS, etc

We know where you at and what do you need toin order to live the American DREAM.  In ADA you will get a personalized support & community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Nobody is left behind! 
Great! Because We are READY to SHOW YOU THE MAGIC!
LEARN HOW Tatiana Received E-2 VISA after 9 IMMIGRATION LAWYERS Said She Had NO CASE 
Read from satisfied and HAPPY CLIENTS 
"We approached ImmigrationBiz 2,5 years ago and Miss Marieta has been very helpful since. We had several Investor E-2 Visas prepared and filed by ImmigrationBiz that were all successfully approved. Additionally, we have sent intra-company transferee on E-2 essential employee Visa and the process was successful as well. The overall experience with ImmigrationBiz has been excellent. We continue our business relationship as other visa issues may arise.”
2N Telecommunications - Florida 
"Thank you so much, Miss Marieta! We got the E-2 visas for both of us and the work permit without any issues. Really appreciate it.”
RTM Performance - Czech Republic
"The cooperation with ImmigrationBiz has been wonderful and I am so glad to have our E-2 Investor visas (2x) approved. We are both founders and we both got the E2 visa! Now we can fly to the USA and manage the business without any limitations. Thank you.”
Invoice Home Inc. - USA 
"Totally loved working with Marieta and ImmigrationBiz. It's been a lot of work and paperwork but at the end, it was worth it. I got my E-2 investor visa and now I am ready to rock the USA 🙂 You are in very good hands if you choose to work with Marieta & ImmigrationBiz.”
Tatiana Dudyez & Radiant Groupies Inc. 
- Los Angeles, CA
"The BEST FEELING ever is when you hear from the U.S. EMBASSY your E-2 VISA was APPROVED! Marieta, the CEO of ImmigrationBiz is a real PRO and I highly recommend her services.”
Ondrej Bartak & ShipToWorld LLC - Atlanta 
our CLIENTS stand behind OUR SERVICE for a reason!
of Marieta
How She went from an immigrant w 700$ to a successful attorney & Entrepreneur
If you are serious about starting a successful business in the U.S.A. with our Proven System to Create a better future for your family, Get More Freedom, Create the LifeStyle of your Dreams, then ENROLL to The AMERICAN DREAM ACCELERATOR TODAY - for a limited time only. 

Gone are the days of HOPING you can move to the U.S.A. .... start a business, become successful...  You can now MAKE IT HAPPEN and figure out the ROADMAP in less than 90 days!

The REGISTRATION to The American Dream ACCELERATOR will only be available to the public for only a few days and then the doors will close down.  
Silver Package 
2,499 USD 
4 x 875 USD 
VIP Gold Package 
4,999 USD 
3 x 1,999 USD 
9,999 USD 
4 x 2,999 USD 
  • BONUS #1 - How to apply for B1/B2 Visa to the USA and get approved! 
  • BONUS #2 - How to change your status in the USA or extend the visa in the USA! 
  • Marketing & Sales Training- We teach you how to market your business & sale in order to create 6-figures business in the USA.  
  • SUPPORT GROUP & WEEKLY CALLS with Marieta  - We track your progress, provide a feedback and you are fully accountable to make the transformation. Nobody is left behind! 
  • GOLD VIP BONUS#1  - ONE-on-ONE STRATEGY Consultation with Marieta
  • GOLD VIP BONUS #2 - Marketing Training
    on how to build a 6-figure company
    (value 10,000 USD) 
  • GOLD VIP BONUS #3  - Sales Training on
    how to sell without being salesy
    (value 15,000 USD) 
  • VIP PLATINUM BONUS #1 - 2x Private One-on-One Strategy Consultations with Marieta & how to bring a family to the USA with you (value 5,000 USD)  
  • VIP PLATINUM BONUS #2  - VIP SALES & MARKETING PLAN (value 15,000 USD) on how to build a multiple 6-figure Empire in the USA 
Email us at 
in the American Dream Accelerator?
You'll get a new mindset! There is no success without the right mindset. We will make sure you are on the right track. (value priceless) 
The Biz Idea VALIDATION + The Business Plan (value 5,000 USD) we teach you step by step how to draft a perfect business plan without hiring any expert! Plus, you will have access to our business plan template. 
MARKETING & Sales strategy  (15,000 USD) There is no business without making any sales. if you have no prior sales background you are in the right place. we teach you how to sell without being salesy. *** Available to only platinum members ***
legal incorporation  (value 5,000 USD) Includes the operating agreement, meeting of minutes, bank account documents, signature pages, certificate of incorporation, etc. 
and so much more...(value so far 22,000 USD!!!) 
WEEK #5 OBTAIN THE E-2 FUNDS - you will learn how to get the money, how to start small & scale and How to get visa approval with less than 100K (value of 5,000 USD) 

WEEK #6 E-2 APPLICATION - You will put all the pieces together, prepare a strong evidence and file for E-2 VISA (value of 5,000 USD) 

WEEK #7 E-2 VISA INTERVIEW - We prepare you for the visa interview AND you WILL absolutely rock it! (value of 5,000 USD) 

WEEK #8 What to do if you got a VISA denial - you will learn how to deal with a denial from the u.s. Embassy or USCIS (value of 5,000 USD) and how to fix it and apply again! 
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Q: Is there any guarantee?

A: YES, there is a 7 days money back guarantee if you show us that you did the home work and still find this program not suitable. This is how confident we are that this program will transform your life forever.  Additionally, we give you a life-time access to this program and option to work with us until your visa is approved. 

Q: What if this program isn’t for me?

A: What if it is? Are you somebody who has a vision? Are you somebody who is not taking NO for an answer? Do you trust yourself? If you answer YES to all these questions this program is for YOU. Most-likely, what’s holding you back is your fear. And let me tell you the definition of FEAR: 

F- False

E- Evidence


R- Real

Your American Dream starts with your internal decision. We can’t make it for you. All we can do for you is to guide you, but essentially you need to make it happen on your own. Nobody can do this for you.

Q: I don’t have the time to take this program now!

A: The ADA program is opened once or twice a year, therefore you can enroll now and watch the classes at your own pace. You will get lifetime access to all classes and if you miss the live classes you get an access to replays. You will have access to VIP support group forever. 

Q: What if I don’t have any funds?

A: You are a perfect match. We will teach you how to get the funds, and how to start generate sales if you enroll to gold or platinum program. We do offer flexible payment plans to get you started. 

Q: What if my visa is not approved?

A: Why wouldn’t it be approved if our success rate has been 98%? If it’s not approved, you simply fix the error and apply again. There is no limit on how many times you can apply. 

Q: What’s the difference between your free webinar and this program?

A: During the webinar, we teach WHAT to do if you want to live in the USA, in this program we show you HOW to make it happen and guide you step by step.

Q: How is this program different compared to working with other immigration lawyers?

A: Other immigration lawyers don’t offer a combination of a business consulting, marketing and mindset strategy. Majority of immigration lawyers are not immigrants, nor entrepreneurs. Marieta is an immigrant, an entrepreneur, a self-made business woman and an excellent business immigration lawyer. Therefore, you are getting a combo and an incredible deal. We focus on delivering the American Dream instead of just a work visa. If you enroll to gold or platinum package you will have an access to an exclusive Marketing & Sales Training with Marieta on how to make 6-figures in 6-months.

Q: I don’t have any money.

A: If you can't make the down payment, we offer flexible payment plans. Contact our office at for more information. 

Q: What if I need more than 12 weeks and I am not ready to move to the USA in 3 months?

A: It’s fine. You will have a lifetime access to our program and to a VIP group where you can always ask your question how to pass the visa interview even if you apply for a visa later in time. You can move to the USA whenever you are ready, however, this opportunity won’t be open any longer.

Q: Why should I buy this program instead of working one on one with an immigration lawyer for 10,000-20,000 USD?

A: The choice is yours. Marieta is not only an immigration lawyer, but she is also an immigrant and entrepreneur. She understands your problems on a personal level and therefore she offers a complex solution. The ADA is a program designed to build a profitable business in the USA and get E2 visa approval. Without knowing how to sale, your business will suffer as soon as you arrive in the USA, therefore we have included the sales training. The ADA is the most comprehensive program out there for immigrant entrepreneurs. We offer 3 options: silver, gold and platinum. The silver includes group coaching calls and pre-recorded materials. The gold program includes more hands on experience with the initial one on one consultation and also the marketing & sales training. The platinum includes everything that silver and gold offer and two 1-on-1 strategy consultations with Marieta. 

Q: Should I buy it now or later?

A: You should buy it now because we don't guarantee that we launch this program again. There is 7-days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Another reason to buy now is that the price for the ADA will most likely go up within the next 2-3 months. Also, if for whatever reason you don't get your visa approval we give you an option to work with us in this program until your visa is approved. That is how we believe in our program. 

Q: Is this going to work for my business model?

A: It will if you do whatever it takes and do exactly what the ADA program will teach you. The success really depends on you. We have helped entrepreneurs with all kind of business models to succeed including online coaching business, online consulting business, shipping, truck business, hotel business, restaurant business, coffee shop and bakery, beauty salon, car repair shop, a language school, real estate business, law firm, a tech startup, a software company, telecommunication devices, etc.

Q: What can I expect from this program?

A: You can expect a transformation meaning existing a company in the USA and a visa in your passport. The program consists of a step-by-step guidance and accountability to live your American Dream. You will know exactly what to do and how to make it happen. Every step is laid out for you. Everything you need to start a business in the USA and apply for a work visa and succeed. 

 Q: Can you guarantee specific results?

A: We love this program and we deeply believe in principles and strategies in it because we have designed the program based on Marieta's personal experience as an immigrant entrepreneur and a business immigration lawyer. The testimonials on this page are from real clients who worked with us in the past and you can certainly contact them to ask for more details about their success. All of them created incredible businesses and got entrepreneur visas. That being said, we are strongly convinced that if you do what we teach in the ADA program you will also obtain a visa & build a successful business in the USA. 


We don't guarantee or warrant results or a visa approval because they really depends on you. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. There is no client-attorney relationship created by the program. 


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